Every House Is Haunted


From "Aces," a chilling tale of siblings Tobias and Soelle, whose relationship revolves around the possibility that Soelle possesses magical powers that Tobias can't always explain away, to the palpable yet subtle terror contained within the tale of an aging couple's fading memories ("The Candle"), the 22 stories in Rogers's debut collection demonstrate the author's talent for finding the terrifying in the seemingly ordinary. Arranged in sections that correspond to rooms in a house (The Vestibule; The Library; The Attic; The Den; and The Cellar), the stories comprise a guided tour of homes, lighthouses, cabins, and other buildings, while recognizing that the true hauntings are found within the human psyche. VERDICT: This work of classic horror in the style of Shirley Jackson, Richard Matheson, and early Stephen King should attract fans of a more refined kind of horror.

Library Journal
The reader must get some distance into this uneven fantasy collection before the selections distinguish themselves as more than interesting but underdeveloped ideas. In "The Rifts Between Us," scientists exploring the boundary between life and death unwittingly open the door to an intruder from the afterlife. "Deleted Scenes" is a wry black comedy about actors whose job is to film scenes for the cutting-room floor and their fate at the hands of zealous movie geeks. In "The Cat," a pet cat's nightly deposit of animal corpses grows increasingly ambitious -- and alarming to its owner. Many of the book's stories end abruptly just as they are getting interesting, but a handful reveal Rogers to be an imaginative and original writer with the skill to fully execute his plots.

Publishers Weekly
...nothing less than a brilliant short story collection... Every single story in this 300-page volume is a stand-out—so much so that it is impossible to choose a favorite. Or even several favorites. They all strongly remain with the reader days after turning the final page.

Shroud Magazine
...the author’s facility with character and atmosphere makes for some provocative journeys into the dark and the frankly weird... His best stories resemble the work of Joss Whedon: contemporary fantasy in which quirky characters confront the uncanny with deadpan aplomb and an appealing degree of competence... I would be very curious to read a full-length novel from Rogers that provides a fantastic premise and proceeds to fully explore its consequences.

Quill & Quire
...suffused with the perfect creepiness so many horror aficionados crave.

Ellen Datlow
There are moments where the horror becomes quite frightening, although Rogers balances the horror with humor and wit. Definitely an author to keep an eye on...

The Arkham Digest
...Rogers offers some real gems. Every House is Haunted is a harbinger of great things to come.

San Francisco Book Review
Every House is Haunted, in addition to having a great title, is about as assured a debut collection as you’re ever likely to find... what makes Ian’s stories so good is their very human heart. While often ominous or creepy (and occasionally very funny), the stories in Every House is Haunted never feel the least bit mean-spirited. There’s always a warmth and sympathy at the center of each story, no matter how grim the subject matter becomes.

Orrin Grey, author of Never Bet the Devil & Other Warnings
...a powerful series of tales, deftly and confidently told.

Griffin Words
Ian Rogers must love Shirley Jackson, for his stories are often like hers, gentle on the surface, but with a knife thrust from below.

Fantastic Literature
...an eclectic anthology of stories that are not only well-written but also offer the precise amount of detail while leaving all the climaxes as open ended as possible.

Reading in Taiwan
...leaves you begging for more after each turn of the page... I highly recommend this for those who love cliff hangers that leave you not just wanting more but also thinking of what could happen next.

Luxury Reading
Ian Rogers' EVERY HOUSE IS HAUNTED is one of the most enjoyable collections I've read in a very long time.

The Man Eating Bookworm
Rogers brings us into moral grey areas, encouraging us to question stories, delve deep into them and interact with them, and also reminds us that every story contains the potential for both danger as well as ecstasy.

Speculating Canada
…a great showing of Ian's evolution as an author. And to think he's just getting warmed up. If Ian wasn't already on my "authors to watch out for" list, this book would have cemented it.

Gef Fox
Pun not necessarily intended, each story leaves you feeling haunted. At the end of each tale, Rogers leaves you in want of each one to be a full novel because the characters and stories are so intriguing. He takes the essence out of a full length novel and gives you just the exciting parts through the short story format. Highly recommended to anyone who likes quirky short stories with a bit of an edge, and fans of Neil Gaiman.

Exploring Feminisms
I’m reminded of Ray Bradbury’s concept of following where the story leads. Some of Rogers’ stories lead seemingly one way before taking a sharp turn... The utter creepiness of “The Candle” is going to be with me for a while... I’ll be keeping a look out for more Ian Rogers.

The Writerly Reader
Rogers has an enjoyable Lovecraftian/Night Gallery approach to some of his stories and a great dark sense of humor.

CSI: Librarian
Every House Is Haunted

Every House Is Haunted is currently out of print, but a new edition of the book is in the works.

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